Catholic Connect Community

Connect your parishioners through Parish Community. Engage and reach them daily through News Feeds, Notifications, and Events.


Utilize business in marketing and sales transactions. Connect to the right company and offer business services through the app. Reach more people and get more potential customers and clients online. Personally engage people and receive feedback on time.

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Join or create groups based on your interests, needs, and hobbies. Meet new friends from nearby parish or international. A great way to interact with your community is through catholic connect groups.

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Create organizations for a cause and invite people to pray, give, and even volunteer for every activity and event. Reach more volunteers that will serve during relief or medical missions.

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Create and promote local or international events that will reach parishioners based on your desired coverage. Endorse and sell tickets through the events page. Upload videos and reply to the inquiries and comments in real time.

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