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Getting Started

No annual fee, Limited time Offer
Basic tools included to connect with your community.
  • Start receiving donations
  • Invite Co-Admins (Limited)
  • Display Default News/Articles
  • Admin Panel (Limited)
  • Create a public page
  • Invite People
  • Link Groups


Let's talk
Specialized tools to engage your Parish and customize events and social media settings.
All the features included in the Getting Started package, PLUS :
  • Create a private/invite-only page
  • Admin Panel (Full Access)
  • Customize Page News/Articles
  • Fully Customize your page
  • Grant verification badges
  • Send In-App Push Notifications
  • Send Direct Messages to followers
  • Send Emails to followers
  • Third-Party API Connection Access
  • Invite Co-Admins with specific permissions (Full Access)
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Customer Support

Catholic Connect is more than just an Application.

Our dedicated team of experts are here to help you and your community grow. With each step of the way, we promise that your Parish Community will grow with the help of our team’s innovation, creativity, and passion. Let us help you and your community be closer to God and to each member of your Parish Community.


Have a Question?
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Can I become a member of two Parish Communities at the same time?
No. You cannot become a member of two Parish Communities on your app but you can follow the other Parish in your city and you can also follow other parishes as well.
How do I become an Admin for my Parish / Parish Community?
There are certain requirements for you to become the Administrator for your Parish Community.

1. Your Parish / Parish Community must be registered on the Catholic Connect System
2. Your Parish / Parish Comunity should not have an active Admin.
3. You must submit proof that you are currently working or connected to the Parish Community you want to be an Admin for.
4. Email coming from the Parish / Parish Community’s domain.
5. Identification or link to your Parish / Parish Community’s website showing you are the current Admin.
How long does approvals take for Admin requests?
Approvals normally take 24 - 48 hours.
How many active Admins can be allowed for a Parish / Parish Community
Only one active Admin can be allowed. However, there can be multiple Co-Admins under one Parish / Parish Community
Do I need to pay for Customer / Technical Support?
No. Customer / Technical support is absolutely FREE! Our team of highly skilled and highly innovative support group is ready to help anytime.
For more detailed information on product packaging and the limits that apply, please see our Product and Services Catalog.
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